She and He

Featuring B128

Fake cheeks cost 150 dollars. She guessed they would be worth it. She knew she was good at this. She did it all the  time and now she was doing it for herself. English accent, she’d lower her voice an octave. She really was good at this. Got well paid for it

Wig, boob expanders, butt lift and even a little pot belly – She would be someone he can’t look away from and then she would know. She suspects.


It was a cocktail party for a new show by a “famous” artist. The aspiration is to act like the one you want to be. She was acting like the one she wasn’t. Sort of the same she thought. Her hands were cold with anticipation.

There he was, talking to a gallerista drinks in hand. She was the Unknown. Was he hitting on this slip of a girl?

She walked up swinging her hips which were wider than they had been.

“You’re him! You wrote that book ‘Swipe of Dark Love’!”

He turned from the girl and his eyes widened.

“Uh I think you mean ‘Touch of Dark Love’?”

“Oh how silly of me, of course ‘Touch’. Hey I want to know what everyone wants to know – did she get on the yacht?”

“Oh now… you’ll just have to wait until the sequel…”

“What’s it called? What?”

“…comes out. I know what I’m calling it, but it might not be the final title, so…”

“I want her to get on that yacht. Nolan’s not good enough for her.”

“But he…”

“No you can’t convince me Nolan didn’t cheat on her, so…”

“I see you don’t have a drink. Shall we go to the bar? What do you drink?”

As they chatted she looked at him with admiration. She batted her eyes. Who knew that was really a thing?

Finally he made his move.

“There’s a little hotel just a block from here. Want to come?”

“Surprise!” She whipped off her wig like a drag queen.

“You bitch!” She could see his teeth grinding. “You lying wh…”

Then he got control of himself.

“How amusingly droll, my dear”, he managed to get out. “I knew it all the time, but I wanted to play along. Kinky.”

He looked at her. Unwearable. Nothing good. Not Okay.

“Make up sex?”, he asked.

“Break up sex?”, he hoped.

And like that, she was off to look for a-better-than-Nolan and a yacht.

There she is, just like a shepherdess on the right. And there she is under the Plexiglas looking up. 

Red and Yellow anger is present.

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