certainty of risk

David Pye suggested in his 1968 book The Nature and Art of Workmanship that we should distinguish between the “workmanship of risk” and the “workmanship of certainty.”

Count me in as on the risk side. I was talking to my son just now and I said that I don’t touch mud unless I have a goal. This ‘goal’ is right in the middle of workmanship of risk.

Cup B. 115

B. 115 came about with the goal of a cup. In the course of making some utensil holders using the extruder, I kept two more cylinders at the end. The extruder always has a compressed puck that won’t extrude through. I took the two cylinders and split them, squeezed them together and settled them on the puck. The cylinders were floppy and fell into the shapes you see here. I pulled a spout and was done.