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Sandy Wasn’t Dumb

Featuring B. 417 “Tobin! Is that cocaine?” “Yeah.” “But there’s so much of it. What! what?” “So I stole it from Sandy, that’s what.” Fawn was overwhelmed. Her stomach took a drop towards the floor […]

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‘Year of Goodbyes’ is not real

Featuring B. 48 Hollis was tired. Going on a book tour was “Sorry I’m not fun anymore”. She was not going to write that book. There was one more reader, the last in line. She […]

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Squeegee Man

Featuring (B. 172) He was a squeegee man. At that time in New York City, men approached cars stopped at traffic lights and then squeegee’ed the driver’s windshield. This was a minor form of threat […]

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Do I look like a jewelry shop?

Featuring B 50 She needed a private eye. Susie knew how ridiculous that sounded. She’d never gone to the police. The diamond ring had been gone for years now. But Susie missed it because Richard […]

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Friends in the Tribe

Featuring B 83 William Gibson, the renowned author couldn’t believe his eyes. The yellow pad one of with which he always started a book was turning back into the scraps it had been made from. […]

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She and He

Featuring B128 Fake cheeks cost 150 dollars. She guessed they would be worth it. She knew she was good at this. She did it all the  time and now she was doing it for herself. […]

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Six Rockets

Featuring (B. 186) Six rockets sped towards Seattle WA USA. The good news: they missed the city. The bad news: they all landed in the bay, also one of them detonated. Lilliana Hackett was walking […]

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Realized They are so Lame

“I’m ghosting you”, wrote Cady Bonin in a text. She felt good. Quit him before he quits me. It would be fun to have a partner that understands me and let’s me be me. But […]

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Planet of the Stellulopes

Marlow Wessex had never been on a space-ship before. He was an anthropologist, not an exo-anthropologist. Still, one had to be flexible depending on one’s bank account balance. The mysterious voice on the other end […]

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Sign for Intermutual

Pippa and David were having a first date that was exceeding expectations. David: She’s not as much a cat lady as I thought. Pippa: Well dressed. They went down the list of interests: TV? check, […]

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