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Book nugget ‘How Emotions are Made’ by Barrett

So my previous review was ‘Hidden Spring’ by Solms. Barrett’s book finished the hold at the library and I borrowed it.

The very first sentence called out the premises propounded by Solms. I had to look up any webpage with both their names. Panksepp is the name of the scientist that provided the basis for Solms and that is the name I searched for.

Wow. They call each other every name of disrespect one can use about another researcher. 

Barrett debunks a number of ‘received wisdom’.

Facial expressions are unambiguous in showing emotion. Nope the experiment design primed the responders.

Facial expressions and emotions are the same in every culture. Each culture just has different names for them. Nope same bias.

And more!

Emotions are learned. Period says Barrett. She calls them constructed but same difference.

I am really looking forward to the rest of Solms now that I know Barrett’s stance.

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