A multipart pottery ordering. Each triangular bowl could hold sauces or nuts or other condiments. I started with a pie slice plastic container. I liked Read more
At first I didn't like the five short stripes which are on the far side. Now I do. Porcelain, celadon (cone 6 so not really). Read more
lenses of critique Bouke DeVries Memory vessel jardiniere, 18th century Delft jardiniere and glass (1) Guan Yin in a square of roses, 18th century Chinese Read more
lenses of critique ”[Your work] looks like some kind of avant-garde Asian art.” – Chee Gan Nov. 2019 Review of Kevin Marshall’s ceramics to answer Read more
I showed my ware Nov 7- 30 2019 at Gallery 110 located at 110 3rd Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104 USA. I sold out my Read more
Featuring (B. 172) He was a squeegee man. At that time in New York City, men approached cars stopped at traffic lights and then squeegee'ed Read more
Featuring B 50 She needed a private eye. Susie knew how ridiculous that sounded. She'd never gone to the police. The diamond ring had been Read more
Featuring B 83 William Gibson, the renowned author couldn't believe his eyes. The yellow pad one of with which he always started a book was Read more
Featuring B128 Fake cheeks cost 150 dollars. She guessed they would be worth it. She knew she was good at this. She did it all Read more
Seattle, November 7th - 30th: transcentainment LLC announces a show by Kevin Marshall at Gallery 110 near Pioneer square. Marshall will be exhibiting functional fine Read more
Featuring (B. 186) Six rockets sped towards Seattle WA USA. The good news: they missed the city. The bad news: they all landed in the Read more
"I'm ghosting you", wrote Cady Bonin in a text. She felt good. Quit him before he quits me. It would be fun to have a Read more

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