Gallery 110 Seattle November Exhibitioon

Seattle, November 7th – 30th: transcentainment LLC announces a show by Kevin Marshall at Gallery 110 near Pioneer square. Marshall will be exhibiting functional fine art pottery made for modern life styles. He is offering […]

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Six Rockets

Featuring (B. 186) Six rockets sped towards Seattle WA USA. The good news: they missed the city. The bad news: they all landed in the bay, also one of them detonated. Lilliana Hackett was walking […]

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Realized They are so Lame

“I’m ghosting you”, wrote Cady Bonin in a text. She felt good. Quit him before he quits me. It would be fun to have a partner that understands me and let’s me be me. But […]

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Planet of the Stellulopes

Marlow Wessex had never been on a space-ship before. He was an anthropologist, not an exo-anthropologist. Still, one had to be flexible depending on one’s bank account balance. The mysterious voice on the other end […]

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Sign for Intermutual

Pippa and David were having a first date that was exceeding expectations. David: She’s not as much a cat lady as I thought. Pippa: Well dressed. They went down the list of interests: TV? check, […]

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Excuses Are For the Weak

Featuring: Lid for (B 63.) Alexia Beasley (Lexie) wasn’t going to take any more crap off of anybody any more. She had gotten free of that cult named “Gathering of Sacrifice” after seven years by […]

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Wip: celadon glaze waiting

Wip. This summer’s assets. I will blend wood & stoneware.

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Name Withheld re: Amezquita

Featuring (B. 96) The courthouse was cracking. Metaphorically of course. That Joel L. Bryant met Cheryl P. Amezquita at a gala charity event (name withheld at the organization’s request) is attested to by many witnesses. […]

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Above the Wooden Sky

Featuring (B. 186) The green dragon hovered over him. He knew that the time was near. ///How could the Bardo look like this?/// His daughter was sitting by his bed. There was so much blue. […]

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Charles Canmore == 113

 Featured ware (B. 33) He knew what he had to do. It all depended on the delivery. He approached Astrid as she was finishing meditating. He knew he could approach her because she had opened […]

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