If they say 'I love you'; say I don't know how that can work. Like they looked into the magic mirror on the wall - Read more
Beautiful functional fine art ceramics
Featuring B. 93 “Veronica” said Betty “I’ve been robbed. The thief took my gold and diamonds.” “Who do you think did it?” “Well, I had Read more
photo/computer View this post on Instagram A post shared by Kevin Marshall (@the_clay_speaks_dot_com) Read more
Beautiful functional fine art ceramics
David Pye suggested in his 1968 book The Nature and Art of Workmanship that we should distinguish between the “workmanship of risk” and the “workmanship Read more
How do I make content about the time I live in? Especially when I work with mud and glass in a volcano fire? Here's another Read more
Featuring B. 417 "Tobin! Is that cocaine?" "Yeah." "But there's so much of it. What! what?" "So I stole it from Sandy, that's what." Fawn Read more
Computer ceramic tiles. Kurt Vonnegut said it: "I think that novels that leave out technology misrepresent life as badly as Victorians misrepresented life by leaving Read more
So my previous review was 'Hidden Spring' by Solms. Barrett's book finished the hold at the library and I borrowed it. The very first sentence Read more
I've got ideas. A dangerous practice. Here are two of them that came to me: Porcelain or not I haven't made up my mind. The Read more
Featuring B. 48 Hollis was tired. Going on a book tour was "Sorry I'm not fun anymore". She was not going to write that book. Read more
I've been thinking about the concept and maybe the reality of the unconscious. If it is unconscious then how do we know anything about it? Read more

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