Artist Bio

Of the blessings found on Kevin Marshall’s fine art functional ceramics, ‘May you be happy’ was also the title of his November 2019 show. He sold out his inventory of cups during this event but soon replenished.

Kevin decorates his endearingly gnarled and tangled glazed stoneware in a unique and distinctive style. Fantastically textured surfaces beg to be touched. Each one-of-a-kind piece is suitable for the most discriminating table.

On the other hand, some collectors value Kevin’s ware for looks alone.

Each piece begins with clay that surrenders to gravity. Kevin embosses each with geometric patterns and, in the final stage of his creative process, blesses the work with brush calligraphy. Although the words are in English, the alphabet is an ancient one from Mongolia/China.

Kevin lives in Seattle, Washington in the winter and Louisiana during summer playing with and telling stories to his twin granddaughters.