Archie is guilty

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“Veronica” said Betty “I’ve been robbed. The thief took my gold and diamonds.”

“Who do you think did it?”

“Well, I had to be either Archie or Jughead. Nobody else has stayed around for a long enough time to get away without me seeing them.”

“I don’t like Jughead”, said Veronica.

“I think it was Archie and I’m going to trick him.” said Betty.

Betty called Archie and told him her TV was broken even though it wasn’t. Archie came to fix it and he was confused because nothing seemed to be broken.

“Oh never mind”, said Betty “Would you like a beer Archie?”

It was late and Archie feel asleep in the Lazy-boy rocker.

“Now I’ll find out”, thought Betty. She opened Archie’s brief case and there were her diamonds. She grabbed them. While she was closing the briefcase Archie rolled over in the chair.

Betty got out her gun and opened up the briefcase again. She fired a shot in the air.

“Archie wake up! Someone was in the house and they opened your briefcase. Is anything missing?”

Archie thought fast.

“No”, he said.

Does the story say why Veronica does not like Jughead?            Yes/No

Question 1) What should Betty do next if her diamonds *were not* in Archie’s briefcase?

Question 2) Why did Betty open up the briefcase a second time?

Archie is thinking fast.

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