Above the Wooden Sky

Featuring (B. 186)

The green dragon hovered over him. He knew that the time was near.
///How could the Bardo look like this?///

His daughter was sitting by his bed. There was so much blue. He could see himself as an owl behind Adena even though he was looking at her face on.

There was a blue sprite in the room. She began to talk.

“….Guinevere, Dad! Listen! Nash! Mom…”

In Nash’s journal he wrote: “Good shoot at the wedding plenty of usable or even better shots. There was a girl. Ariella Wilberforce-Clarke. I got her name off the guest list. Then made something up about an aunt named Ariel She told me to call her. So forward like it. Call her tomorrow – 2 day rule and all”

Journal: “She finally picked up. I had sent texts too maybe too much? Anyway we should be seeing each other Harvard she had the champagne studying what? Oh of course semiotics,”

J: “That’s a cute good kisser moving right along. I told her I’d call her Guinivere she thought it was sweet probably doesn’t know the story good – Such is the silence o’er royal camalot. “

J: “Sweet spent the night – she’s the Guinivere. The rustle of her gown on the marble staircase.”

Nash now had no doubt. As it happened, Guininvere was to be the last of a long line of affairs for him.

“Was it that photographer again?” Guinivere could hear the sarcasm and ill will drip like icicles from her mother’s voice.

“It is a perfectly respectable occupation mother”, snapped Guinivere.

Was she in love with him? He was exciting, he knew so much about art and life, he was sexy, he had kept up working out, oh I can’t be in love with him.

Journal: She knows so little any tidbit of art theory or some obscure painter or what it’s like at different museums around the world Cute but maybe annoying she’s young

They traveled to Italy. He was her docent . Was he condescending? Was he getting tired of adulation?

“Do you know how many girlfriends he’s had?” asked mother.

“I don’t care.” But she did and she listened even though she knew she shouldn’t

They broke up and lived apart but ultimately whatever the drama; it was meant to be.

When Guinivere lay dying she was visited by all the men she had loved. The ones before Nash so young so young, the ones after Nash between Nash back to Nash so experienced so.

—Above the wooden sky the dragon was flaming again. Green flame. Gwen was it Gwen or was it Veronica? She…she…she..the blue sprite was talking again.–

“You need to know about Guinivere, even if you aren’t my father I feel like you won’t be able to rest unless you know the truth. She she was unfaithful she a lot. There must have been at least five of them. None was your friend. She always went to a hotel room. This was not when you two were apart it was while you lived on Sloan Avenue. Do you want to know more?”

–A blue sprite – Maggie was a blue sprite. He was sure he was not her father – she had been born during one of the longest separations. She was right about that.

What else had she said?–

He managed: “I’m sure it’s all right. Take my hand will you?”

She held his hand. Adena would not.

She was living apart. Timothy was so dear. She’d never thought, not with Nash that she would want a child. And then it was a girl. How sweet.

–The red flower–

The green dragon leans over the edge of the wooden sky. The dragon shoots a straight green beam/flame away to the right.

She has collected a few things but is worried about Adena and Maggie. Will they treat Nash with deference and respect?

The wooden sky is locked and unlocked by the mystical sign in the metal tab hanging from the sky. Perhaps Nash will unlock it.

The blue sprite a.k.a Maggie  who still calls him Dad even though he is not her biological father is speaking. Adena has her eyes closed, she’s had it with him. Maggie/sprite is standing on frozen rock that has flowed out of the volcano she is standing on.

May you be safe.

Watching it all is Nash the owl. If he wanted to he could look over and see himself dying. Owls are too smart to do that though. What’s in the owl’s mouth? A spider?

When the red flower drops Nash’s story ends.

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